organic broccoli & brown rice purée


Free From

good-for-baby broccoli & brown rice, freshlyfrozen into 6 rings for a flavour introduction.

Preparing the meal from frozen:
Microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring and checking the temperature in between. Alternatively, remove the frozen meal several hours before serving and defrost in the refrigerator in a covered bowl.

Mix with baby’s milk, or a little water if necessary, and temperature check on your wrist before serving it to your little one.

As a teether:
Frozen rings are easily held and enjoyed as a teether.

Never leave food out at room temperature to defrost. Never reheat. Throw away unused food to avoid contamination.

Tom Pom Organic Food is handmade. Please ensure there are no bits too large for your baby before serving. Due to the freezing of 100% natural ingredients, ice crystals may form or the colours in the rings may separate. This is normal and safe for consumption.

Organic broccoli (96%), organic brown rice (3%), cold-pressed organic olive oil (1%)

High in protein, high in vitamin C, high in folic acid, high in fibre, source of vitamin E, source of Thiamin