Tom Pom Organic frequently asked questions

What are the main nutritional needs in a baby’s diet?

The nutritional needs for a baby change as they grow, which is why there are four key stages of weaning.

Up until about six months, breastmilk or formula provides a baby with all they need.

From around six months, you can supplement baby’s milk feeds and offer single vegetable or fruit pureés as they master the mechanics of swallowing and discover new tastes.

After pureé introduction and until nine months, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D play an important role in baby’s development.

Babies from 10-12 months old need the addition of iron-rich foods for their red blood cells and brain development.

In the last stage of weaning, 12 months plus, toddlers need all previous requirements as well as 12g of protein a day which can come from fish, meat, eggs or double portions of vegan protein sources including dahl, chickpeas and lentils.

What are the most common food allergies in children?

The most common foods that children react to are milk, eggs, peanuts, soy, gluten, tree nuts, fish and crustaceans. Other known allergens include sesame, celery, lupin (a legume), mustard, mollusks and sulphur dioxide (sulphites).

Consult your GP on introducing allergens if your baby has eczema, allergies, a family history of food allergies or asthma.

Any questions or concerns, consult your GP or search the NHS Start4Life website.

What are the main ingredients in Tom Pom Organic products?

Our Tom Pom Organic ingredients are sourced from the highest quality, certified organic, small scale suppliers and, where possible, are fair-trade and British.

Each recipe is based upon the baby’s nutritional needs and is minimally processed.

Our pureés offer a high percentage of the main ingredient, including broccoli, sweet potato and apples, which are hand mixed with cold-pressed organic olive oil, organic brown rice.

The apple pureé is mixed with organic oats and cinnamon. Our meals include a salmon, sweet potato and pea meal, a chicken, quinoa, pea and spinach meal and a red lentil dahl with brown rice meal.

Are Tom Pom products free from gluten, nuts and dairy?

Yes – Tom Pom Organic is all hand-made in our dedicated Tom Pom kitchen which is free from the top 14 allergens, with the exception of fish (salmon), so parents can feel confident and in control of a well-balanced weaning process when choosing Tom Pom Organic.

How are the products prepared and how can they be enjoyed?

The Tom Pom Organic collection is made in our exclusive kitchen and is prepared by hand, just as you would at home.

Our pureés are minimally steamed or oven roasted, hand-pureéd, then freshly frozen into handy rings which are ready to enjoy frozen as a teether, defrosted for a meal or added to other meals for extra nutrients.

Our meals are made in the same way, but are hand-mashed to offer a variety of textures, flavours and colours for babies to enjoy.

The meal rings offer parents the ability to defrost only what they need, reducing waste and offering flexibility at mealtime.

What age ranges are Tom Pom products suitable for?

At Tom Pom Organic, we follow the NHS guidelines which suggest weaning your baby from about six months.

Our pureés are a great introduction for weaning, and older kids enjoy the frozen rings as a snack, especially on a hot day too! Tom Pom Organic meals are suitable for any age, but are best for up to about 18 months.

Who started Tom Pom Organic?

Kari Sherman founded Tom Pom Organic in 2018 as a weaning solution for parents who value nutritional transparency and want to give their baby the very best start.

When her youngest, Tommy (nickname Tom Pom), was born with food allergies she struggled to find prepared food for him, and with little time to cook meals from scratch, she realised there was a need for freshly frozen baby food, like Tom Pom Organic.

So, she set out to create a company based upon the NHS guidelines for baby’s nutritional health that was allergy friendly.

Together with her partner, Dr Andy Pullen, a GP, they developed hand-made recipes to satisfy both baby’s nutritional needs and taste buds, all freshly frozen into rings for mealtime fun!

Where can I find out more about Tom Pom Organic?

We would love to welcome you to our community via Instagram @tompomorganic or via our sign up via to our community e-newsletter to keep you up to date with all of our latest news and weaning tips.