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Welcome to Tom Pom Organic,

A baby food brand inspired by our own experiences of feeding our children, particularly my youngest, Tommy.

Tommy was born with several food allergies, including dairy and peanuts. We struggled to find prepared food that he was able to eat and, with little sleep, it was hard to prepare anything from scratch!

Alongside my partner Andy, a medical General Practitioner, we set out to research and innovate a new range of baby food. One that would satisfy a baby’s nutritional needs and taste buds too. And one that would help other parents who need a healthy, safe and convenient option at mealtimes.

So Tom Pom Organic was born. A brand with a purpose, here to help parents everywhere live out their own positive, well-balanced weaning story.

Kindest, Kari Sherman, co-founder Tom Pom Organic

Tom Pom Vegetables

We embrace the principles and process of home-made cooking

Home-made food is the best, who could disagree? Making your family meals using fresh ingredients offers the best nutritional option at mealtime.

Tom Pom Organic is hand-made in small batch production and we use the same simple processes that you do at home.

Our vegetables are minimally steamed to maintain the natural colours, tastes and nutrients and our meals are hand-mashed (yes, really!) to create the perfect, imperfect texture.

So when you don’t have the time to make your baby’s meals, Tom Pom Organic is there for you – freshly frozen, fun mealtime rings for well-balanced weaning.

We handpick trusted suppliers

All ingredients in Tom Pom Organic are sourced from the highest quality, certified organic, small scale suppliers and, where possible, are fair-trade and British.

Our olive oil comes from a small farm in Valencia where the farmer uses traditional equipment to cold-press his organic olives to maintain the natural goodness of the oil.

Our quinoa is sourced from a community near Lake Titicaca, Peru where farmers and packers are paid fair-trade, above market price for their work to support their community and environment.

All of Tom Pom Organic’s suppliers share our values and are part of our family.

Tom Pom Vegetables

We give back to our community with every sale

It is our hope that our youngest customers grow up with healthy meals in their tummies surrounded by a healthier, natural environment. For this reason, we pledge 1% of every sale to UK charities that are working towards the preservation and restoration of our beautiful country via 1% for the Planet.

Tom Pom Organic